Antora Energy recently demonstrated the world’s most efficient solid state heat engine

Stanford University: The startup has recently demonstrated the world’s most efficient solid state heat engine, topping the performance of all previous thermophotovoltaic, thermionic, and thermoelectric devices. This breakthrough is a key enabler for Antora’s energy storage technology, and also opens up numerous other applications ranging from industrial waste heat recovery to flexible carbon capture, utilization, and storage.

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Startup Hygge Gets Cozy with the Future of Energy Storage

The story of Hygge Power starts with late Christmas presents, a whiteboard “aha!” moment, and one very lucky Uber ride.

Caleb Scalf, CEO of the startup currently working with NREL as part of the Shell GameChanger Accelerator Powered by NREL (GCxN), was a project manager working from his apartment in Boulder in 2016 who faced an ongoing problem: his power would regularly go out, sometimes for hours.

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INSIGHT: Optimizing a More Flexible Power Grid

Bloomberg Environment: Think about it: our society is always plugged into something. Whether it’s smartphone chargers or smart TVs or large appliances or electric vehicles, we are consuming more energy than we ever have before. This has led to a host of efforts by utilities to implement demand response programs, which seek to adjust the demand for power, rather than adjusting the supply to meet the demand.

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