The Program Management Team at Shell and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory work together to help the startup companies mature their technologies to accelerate energy transitions.

Haibin Xu

Regional Manager Shell Research Connect and GameChanger, GCxN program director

Adam Duran

Program Manager, GCxN program co-director

Sonya Vial

Manager New Energies Research and Technology at Shell

Amy Kelly

Supply Chain Lead New Energies Technology at Shell

Megan Gross

Program Coordinator

Lauren Meadors

External Relations Advisor Shell GameChanger

Kristi Theis

Communications Director

Carolina Rio

Shell GameChanger


This Steering Committee guide the overall vision and strategy for the program.

Lene Hviid

Global Manager Shell Research Connect & GameChanger, GCxN board chairman

Richard Adams

Director of NREL Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center

Ajay Mehta

Global Manager New Energies Research & Technology at Shell