GCxNrel’s Commitment to Site Accessibility

GCxNrel is committed to making our site GCxNrel.com accessible to people with disabilities. We strive to continue improving our site’s accessibility conformance to WCAG 2.1 AA standards, and are committed to remediation of found issues.


Actions Taken to Further WCAG 2.1 AA Conformance

We perform routine site accessibility audits using automated tools, including Google Lighthouse, the WAVE evaluation tool, manual testing tools or techniques such as tab navigation and screen-reader testing.


Recognized Limitations

We are currently working through these found accessibility limitations from our most up-to-date audit.

  • Difficulties navigating modals and carousels with tab navigation
  • Branded color contrast issues

Found an Accessibility Issue?

If you encounter an accessibility issue, please contact us at GCxN@nrel.govWe take accessibility issues seriously, and will respond to your concerns in a timely manner.

This accessibility statement was last updated on May 8th, 2024.