EV Fast Charging: AllCell Technologies

AllCell Keeps Batteries Cool By Design March 30, 2020 Although the Shell GameChanger AcceleratorTM Powered by NREL (GCxN) program is still relatively young, NREL and one GCxN company have a relationship that goes back more than ten years. Based in Chicago, AllCell Technologies specializes in making batteries safer and more cost-effective through passive thermal management.…

Supercharging Batteries with Sound

Medium: While energy density is an important factor for cutting cost per kWh, efficiency and consistency in battery production processes is an important part of the equation. To date, battery production has been more of an art than a science. In order to meet the projected global demand at a reasonable cost, the industry must also focus on improving production processes to ensure quality and avoid wasting time and resources.

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Where Can Cleantech Startups Find Funding in 2019?

Confronted with a collapse in early-stage cleantech VC and uncertain support from the Department of Energy, more alternative energy startups are relying on corporate-funded incubators and accelerators. Shell’s cleantech accelerator (managed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory) announced its inaugural class last month — with a focus on advanced grid technologies and long-term energy storage. Read more >